Daily Announcements

• Students, wear your IDs every period, every day. Teachers will be scanning the room now to see who is wearing their ID and who is not. You will have to purchase a temporary ID if you are not wearing your ID. You can buy a replacement ID at PaySchoolsCentral.com.

• Students, there are no drop-offs for food, money, lunches, bags, etc. Do not ask anyone to drop off anything to you. Use your personal responsibility to come to school prepared to learn.

• Students, no caps, hats, or hoods in the buildings. Remember to take them off when you come inside.

• Cell phones, headphones, and other electronic devices are not allowed to be visible in the classroom. Devices should be turned off and stored away in backpacks or purses during the class period. If they are not, devices can be confiscated for 3 days. During class change, you should only have 1 headphone or earpod in your ear.

• Students should be following the dress code on page 43 of the Captain Shreve Student Handbook. Visit captainshreve.com to view the student handbook.

• Do not bring backpacks or large purses during testing week

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