Something Good with Lynn Vance

Aubrey Garcia, a teacher at Captain Shreve High School, received a tiara from a friend to make her feel special. Garcia thought if the tiara could give her a pep in her step, make her sit up straighter, and feel a little more confident, it might be able to do that for others as well.

She introduced the concept to her colleagues at Captain Shreve High School. Fellow teachers and staff, and now students have started participating in Tiara Tuesday.

Everyone we spoke to had different reasons why they took part in Tiara Tuesday, but the common feeling is that it just makes you feel special. Others stated gave them the confidence to do something they usually would not do.  Ms. Garcia hopes that the concept of Tiara Tuesday will catch on and that more faculty and students in the school will give it a try.  She encourages men to also get involved, to wear a crown or tiara if they want to. 

Ms. Garcia has also been selected to be a Creative Ambassador for Crayola, she is 1 of 75 art educators nationally to be chosen to be part of this group.

“What it’s going to do is allow me to become part of a collaborative team through the assistance of Crayola. They are leading professional development for the 75 of us, through digital means. So we have zoom calls and we have emails and things like that that we’re working on to create this collaborative community of art educators to focus on how the arts can be implemented through all subjects and how we can use Crayola to increase creativity and students.” stated Garcia.

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